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beyond the battlefield

May 12, 2019

Episode 23 - Post FAQ, Pre Storm

No couch this week, as Helm and Bodz come together for a quick program update.

They talk how the FAQ effected their storm of silence lists as list deadline arrived.

Storm of Silence pregame discussion and considerations for the heavy hitter players arriving and some speculations on what...

May 1, 2019

Episode 22 - Jim Vesal Special: Hole Hobbyists

2019 ITC Champion Contender Jim Vesal joins Bodz, Helm and George for a less than customary pole smoking interview.

Fresh off his win in Vancouver, BC at the 2019 Wet Coast Major GT, the current Hobby Track Numero Uno shares with us his process and approach to painting the...

Apr 18, 2019

Episode 21 - Nights Pro Coaching Review and Other Shenanigans

Join Lucas, Bodz, Helm and Cody for an honest opinion of the Nights Pro Coaching service and some Battle Brother feedback for the service, assuming by some laughable miracle that they actually listen.

Not everyone gets out alive, including George, while the...

Apr 6, 2019

Episode 20 - If Bodz is Away the Bros will Slay

Bodz was a bit too busy giving VGR Andy under-the-table handshakes to join the rest of the Bros this week on the couches.

Matt Helm steps in to fill his boots as we get updated on hobby time and Helmet’s Experience at the Desperate Allies Major GT in Arkansas.

We branch...

Mar 10, 2019

Episode 19 - Cold Beer & Whine

Darren joins the cast again for another fun filled episode. Except when you read fun, exchange it for chaos.

We swear there was a plan for this one, but the discussion started and it just flew.

We talk a scattered Hobby time, rip into the new assassins rules, and hear a brief play back on...